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iMed Gala

Sharing a meal is to share smiles and stories, and that is exactly the opportunity you will not want to miss in this glamorous gala dinner in the company of our cherished speakers and your fellow participants.


Virtual Social Programme

Due to this year’s unprecedented situation and to ensure our participant’s safety, our social programme will be online!
Despite all the changes we couldn’t leave you without a social event, even at a distance!
So get acquainted with our virtual social programme, we promise it will be outstanding!


Eating right doesn’t have to be complicated. Our guest is a nutritionist and she will show you how to prepare one easy meal so that you can do it at home with us. Let’s do this!


With iQuizz, you will test your knowledge while qualifying for fantastic prizes. Share this moment with your friends and enjoy another fantastic event provided by iMed Conference 12.0.

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Portugal is a country known for its remarkably distinct wines, and the ones we bring you in our sublime Wine Tasting are no exception. Here you will discover the differences between the flavours of our unique wine collections