Throughout these last few editions, the iMed Conference Organizing Committee has hosted a Launch Event to show the future participants our plans for the next edition. This year on April 30th we wanted to give our participants the best experience, innovating and expanding their horizons. iMed Summit 2022 schedule was diverse in terms of speeches, having a presentation with Gap Year Portugal and a MD Masterclass Session. The participants also had the chance to see in first hand the iMed Conference ® 14.0 presentation, where all the mystery was revealed.

Lastly, the participants had the opportunity to join some workshops and were able to learn how to speak in public, understand all there is about Neuromarketing and consumer behavior, get to know the basics of persuasion and influence or take part on integrated view of how the scientific path can transform patients’ lives… And of course, we couldn´t forget to mention the amazing Coffee Breaks, where you could find a wide selection of delicious foods, snacks and drinks.

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